Commercial Solar

Sunsource Energy has the technical knowledge, years of experience, and the capacity to undertake small to large scale solar PV projects. Due to substantially reduced costs in commercial scale PV systems the return on investment has become very attractive with reduced payback periods.Sunsource Energy is proudly partnered with Phono Solar, ABB Aurora inverters both market leading products. Phono Solar is a leading brand in the renewable energy industry, producing high quality solar products since 2004. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high-performing, top quality photovoltaic panels (solar PV panels) and specialises in PV technology innovation, application and system development.

Phono Solar panels have been installed in countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand etc. Locally, Sunsource Energy installs Phono Solar panels in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Cains and all Major regional areas in NSW and QLD. Driven by both innovations in technology and an effective brand strategy, Phono Solar continuously extends the industry chain downstream and has realised moderate horizontal expansion.


How we tackle Commercial Solar

Our approach provides a single point of contact for all aspects of the development and implementation process.

This comprehensive solution spans all four phases of a typical commercial scale project.

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For a comprehensive Solar Consultation

1. Site Evaluation
& Feasibility

We will conduct a detailed site assessment and feasibility study to determine which PV system is best for your business.

2. Engineering
& Design

The system is designed with inverter design software to maximise performance and efficiency.

3. Installation
& Project Management

Our management team and experienced in house installers will address any construction challenges and will ensure quality results and safety.

4. System Maintenance
& Monitoring

We offer and recommend custom maintenance checks and monitoring programs to ensure your system always performs at peak efficiency to maximise investment returns.