Solar Hot Water

Apricus Solar Hot Water

THE FIRST CHOICE for Solar Hot Water SunSource has partnered with Apricus Australia to bring you Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water system. Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment. Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems provide the following benefits:
  • The highest quality solar hot water systems
  • Save up to 80% on your water heating bills
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Increase the value of your home or property
  • Produce FREE hot water from the sun
  • 15 year warranty on evacuated tubes, manifold and stainless steel storage tank
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors are fast becoming the preferred option for residential, business and commercial hot water heaters in Australia, due to their high efficiency, lightweight and low maintenance construction. For more information on the Apricus Solar Hot Water System please click below for more information.

Solar Panels

Phono Solar Panels

Phono Solar is a leading brand in the renewable energy industry, producing high quality solar products since 2004. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic panels and specializes in PV technology innovation, application and system development. Phono Solar panels have been installed in countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc., Driven by both innovations in technology and an effective brand strategy, Phono Solar continuously extends the industry chain downstream and has realized moderate horizontal expansion.

PV Inverters

Power One Aurora Inverter

Power one AURORA logo
aurora inverter
With its focus on Renewable Energy and “Green” power solutions, Power-One has recently established itself as the world’s second largest provider of solar inverters. Further, as one of the world’s ten largest providers of power conversion and power management solutions,Power-One is one of the few companies with the product breadth to support every step in the refinement of utility-grade AC into the various DC voltages required to power high-availability infrastructure systems at the site, system, and semiconductor levels. In addition, we're increasing the availability of our renewable energy solar and wind inverter products featuring industry-leading features and performance, while offering easier installation, better customer service, unmatched applications flexibility, and field-proven reliability.