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Sunsource Energy is proudly partnered with Phono Solar and ABB Aurora Inverters to deliver world class products installed by local professionals. Phono Solar is a leading brand in the renewable energy industry, producing high quality solar products since 2004. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high-performing, top quality photovoltaic panels (solar PV panels) and specialises in PV technology innovation, application and system development. Phono Solar panels have been installed in countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand etc. Locally, Sunsource Energy installs Phono Solar panels in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Cairns and all major regional areas in NSW and QLD. Driven by both innovations in technology and an effective brand strategy, Phono Solar continuously extends the industry chain downstream and has realised moderate horizontal expansion.


The strong background of SINOMACH and the SUMEC GROUP enables Phono Solar to offer a genuine 25-year product warranty. Interdependent business sectors have realised healthy and sustainable development.


Phono Solar adheres to the highest standards of quality, has rigorous quality control processes, and strives to consistently deliver high quality products. Sunsource Energy’s local installation professionals provide reliable, timely and friendly service, installing solar PV on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and all major regional centres.


At Phono Solar, we strive to continuously innovate our products through R&D and to optimise our business model. We offer both a flexible and experienced service to our customers, ensuring that we always add value.

Experienced Products

The best way to verify solar module reliability is to observe its performance in a power plant. Modules must be able to withstand any external environmental factors and resist all types of natural stress as these both ultimately affect the power plant’s performance and investment IRR.

Phono Solar can give customers real examples to prove product reliability. In Czech Republic, both Veprek and Smirice large scale power plants use Phono Solar modules. Grid connected since 2010, the power plants have exceeded their expected electricity generation by over 15%.

Efficient Technology

In order to offer our customers product value, Phono Solar invests heavily in efficient technologies to improve product reliability. In both our own laboratory and in an internationally-recognised laboratories’ outdoor test site, we repeatedly test the actual performance of the product in nonstandard test environments, which include low light conditions during dawn and dusk and strong wind conditions, etc.

Rigourous Testing

Phono Solar owns a world leading solar PV testing centre, qualified by several international certification authorities. A broad range of equipment is used to conduct quality-control tests, product certifications, material reliability checks, and in-depth research. Up to 35 different tests can be run uninterrupted 24 hours a day, to higher standards than both IEC and UL. A 100% testing ratio for visual inspection, EL testing, pressure testing, mechanical load testing and age testing ensures that Phono Solar modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 25 years, therefore guaranteeing a strong and stable return on investment for investors.

Leading Manufacturing

Phono Solar focuses on the manufacture of solar modules and selects only the highest quality materials and components. This, together with a world leading automated production line enables us to offer a competitive price for our modules. Our experienced engineers are committed to this round-the-clock operation and ensure each module, from soldering to packaging, flows smoothly along this world-class assembly line. Sunsource Energy makes sure that Phono Solar’s world leading products are reliably installed, so you can experience the benefits of world leading technology with solar PV in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and all major regional centres.

Insured Warranty

We provide customers with a 25-year warranty and liability insurance from a world-renowned insurance company to ensure your PV investment is secure.

Local Availability

Sunsource Energy is your local installer of market leading Phono Solar panels. We supply solar PV in Brisbane and Sydney as well as other major regional centres and can provide professional installation of solar PV in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sydney, Newcastle, Parramatta and all major regional centres. Sunsource Energy has Over 10,000 satisfied customers and 10 years of industry experience!

Industry Leading Warranties

All of our products are backed by industry leading warranties, 25 year performance warranty on solar panels and 10 years on inverters. SunSource Energy also provides a 10 year Diamond Warranty* and a 2 year Performance Inspection and Clean providing peace of mind in to the future.



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